Offering unique travel experiences across the globe has been Kuoni’s privilege since 1906. From exotic beach hideaways, family holidays, safaris and spa getaways to romantic breaks, world-class luxury and thrilling city trips, Kuoni can design the perfect holiday escape. Our high-quality services have helped us become not only the largest travel company in Switzerland, but also one of the leading travel organisations in the world. And the NEVER STOP MOVING competition with Maurice Lacroix is the perfect chance to present this expert know-how and help create a truly once-in-a-lifetime journey to five hot spots around the world.

Both companies stand for reliability, dedication, excellence but also constant innovation – the motto of this trip says it all: NEVER STOP MOVING. We won’t and neither will you on this thrilling journey. Follow our international footsteps and enjoy these two unforgettable weeks. You will traverse the globe and discover the best of five world-famous cities with Kuoni’s insider travel tips and might meet fascinating international personalities thanks to Maurice Lacroix: an experience that money truly cannot buy. Where will the journey lead? Get inspired by some of our travel tips below and let the voters surprise you – sign-up here to get a chance to discover the world.

Kuoni Travel Tips - Best places around the world

  • Dubai

    Beyond comparison and unforgettable: This city of gold constantly boosts its horizons with new and exciting ideas. From innovative development projects to super-deluxe hotels that grace the beaches, city and desert – get overwhelmed.
    Hot Spot: "At The Top", some 124 floors above Dubai’s busy streets at the Burj Khalifa

  • Moscow

    By looking at the Red Square and the onion-domed skyline of the Kremlin you can sense the city’s glorious past. By walking through the city you’ll feel Moscow’s fascinating present – of a metropolis embracing change and its new encounters with the West.
    Hot Spot: The Arbat promenade with plenty of shops and cafés

  • Bali

    A true "Island of the Gods": dive into colourful coral reefs and emerge to enjoy the perfect beaches. Bali – a land of stunning natural beauty and friendly people who are proud of their ancient traditions.
    Hot Spot: Pura Tanah Lot on a solitary rock surrounded by the ocean

  • Miami

    Pristine sandy beaches, delightful architecture and an electrifying nightlife: Miami has all you could possibly dream of. Embodying the spirit of Florida with a spicy Latin twist, the city indulges its visitors’ senses with an exuberant vitality and stunning sights.
    Hot Spot: The Design District with its galleries and boutiques

  • Istanbul

    Between the waters of the Bosporus, multi-cultural Istanbul spans two continents and offers dazzling historic gems. Discover this fabulous city’s Eastern promise: Great mosques, colourful bazaars and tangled streets guarantee an excitingly different experience.
    Hot Spot: The atmosphere at the Blue Mosque

  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong

    Known for its fascinating harmony between old and new plus East and West, this city is constantly vibrating. Experience its truly unique blend of Chinese traditions with British colonial influence – and feel the energy and endless curiosity for what the future holds.
    Hot Spot: On a junk in Victoria Harbour


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